Friday, September 5, 2008

Salad and Apples

Lately I have been on a huge salad kick. I have made myself a salad for almost every lunch and dinner since Tuesday! I love finding new things to add...sooooo yummy. This week my salads have pretty much consisted of the following:
-baby romaine
-mini sweet bell peppers (red, orange and yellow)
-fresh mushrooms
-persian cucumbers (my new favorite)
-grn. onion
-sometimes a little avocado

Last night my good friend Julie and her daughter Eva came over since both our hubbies were away at a retreat. She introduced me to Bok Choy Salad. I first experienced it on Monday at Eva's one year birthday party, but we had it again last night for dinner....delicious! I now know that Bok Choy is really good. I like the crunch it gives. So, today for my lunch, I had a salad with all the previous mentioned items (no avocado) but I added some Bok Choy that was left here (thanks, Julie!). So, go and make yourself a yummy, fresh salad for your next'll be glad you did!

On to Apples. Yesterday, Noah and I went up to Oak Glen and met some friends for a Picnic. Oak Glen is about 20 mins from Redlands and is just beautiful. There are apple orchards all's during this season that people from all over come and expericence the fun of apple picking, pressing fresh cider and eating all the yummy things you can make with apples! Some friends from our church own Riley Farms at Los Rios Rancho up in Oak Glen. They have a beautiful property with a huge grass area with picnic tables and big trees for shade. The drive alone was wonderful. I had my windows rolled down as the fresh breeze was enough to cool us off. The weather was about 20 degrees cooler than it was at my house...heavenly! We ate our picnic under a big tree and just enjoyed the beauty of Fall. I think the three of us will go back tomorrow and maybe enjoy lunch and a special apple treat. I've decided that this year we will visit as often as possible, even if just for a couple hours.

You can find out more about Oak Glen, and the apple farm here.


Julie said...

I'm glad you were able to use the leftover bok choy!

GodsErbs said...

Ah, Jodie, I found your blog! It is so nice to read what you are up to and check out the pics of your darling boy! Seriously, Noah is so cute. Hmmm, Kennedy Hylkema, has a nice ring...just kidding! But I'm so happy for you guys and baby #2 and everything!