Saturday, July 17, 2010

Water Babies

My kiddos love the water. I love that they love the water.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Gloom?

There have been several uncharacteristically (yet very welcome!) cool days this summer. Just today while I was outside doing some gardening, Elliana was outside with cotton pants on!!! The doors/windows were open and it was 10:30!! I know several of you live in coastal areas, so that's normal, but for us in the valleys, it was a welcome change!

And just because she's cute:

More Garden

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE having a garden?!?! This year was my trial year...I wasn't exactly sure that my spacing was what it should be (with some veggies it's fine, others, not so much) I wasn't sure if things were going to grow, but I wanted to give it a shot. I have to say that it has been so much fun! Everything, except for my chives (?!?!) has grown so well...and my watermelon, a little too well! I have used fresh cilantro and jalapenos for my salsa, lettuce for burgers, cucumbers for our fourth of July bbq and strawberries for a sweet treat.

The garden (notice the's HUGE!):

The bell peppers look so good!

The tomatoes are starting to change color:

Some more cucs on the vine:

Just about ready...maybe in tonight's salad...

My first two cucumbers and first tomato...yes, I picked it too early, I was just excited :)


The past two days Elliana has come up to me, pointed to her diaper and said, "poo-poo". Yesterday, when she did it for the first time, I was so confused. I didn't notice her pointing to her diaper and I couldn't figure out what she was wanting. I've never talked to her about poo-poo (beyond saying, "oh, you have a poo-poo diaper" or "let's change your poo-poo"). Anyway, when I noticed that she was pointing to her diaper I asked her if she had poo-poo and she nodded yes...sure enough, she did. This morning she came to me and did the same thing. This means little more than she knows when she has a poo-poo diaper, but it was kinda fun that she started acknowledging that needed to be changed. I felt like Noah would have stayed in his dirty diaper all day and wouldn't have cared!