Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No creative title

Ever have "those days"? Today was one of "those days" for me (I say was b/c I'm hoping that for the next couple hours it won't be!!) It was just a combination of no sleep (well, not enough sleep) a teething baby and hot weather.

So, the past few nights I've stayed up way too late (I'm a sucker for Dateline investigative mysteries that begin at 10pm...we need TiVo) and last night, just after I put my head on my pillow (at 11:20) my sweet son woke up crying. It was one of those sad, i'm in pain, and have a fever cries. I got up and rocked him (something I cherish these days) and after a bit went back to bed. I think I was up 3 more times last night. :( He's cutting 4 teeth and has had a fever for the past 24 hrs.; I'm hoping it'll be gone when he gets up. Tuesdays are Hylke's really long days (8am-9:30ish pm) and today was one of those days when I could have really used him at 5pm. It's still too hot for me to be outside (well, Noah wasn't feeling like doing much today anyway) but I just felt cooped up, tired and crabby with a little guy that wasn't feeling well, was fussy and tired himself. I'll gladly say goodbye to Tuesday and look forward to what Wednesday might bring!

Speaking of Wednesday, tomorrow I start Women's Bible Study at church. I'm really looking forward to it!! I think I'll have a great small group of women to get to know, and I'm looking forward to our study on "God". We're study the character and attributes of God...should be great! Our mom's group at church also begins this week (Friday) and I'm really excited about that too!! It's such a nice time to connect with other moms while our kids are being cared for...over breakfast....and coffee!! :) I am a little nervous...Noah is still taking 2 naps and doesn't ever really go w/o. Since both of these mornings go from 8:45-11am, they both go right through nap time. Last semester he missed his morning nap a couple of times, but actually napped a bit in the nursery (shorter than normal, but still a nap). I'm thinking he's out of the "napping in the nursery" stage, especially since he's moved up to the next age group. Maybe this will be what we need for him to move from 2 naps to one...we'll see. Regardless, I'm very excited! I'm even excited to have a schedule! I like planning my week and having set things to do...the summer is great, but I'm looking forward to these mornings away. I'm off to get things together before the morning and then hit the hay...i'm not even going to turn the TV on! :)


GodsErbs said...

Jodie - I can so relate to your post! Monday was that kind of day for me - sick/teething? Kennedy, Danny at work from 8a-9p, utter craziness trying to do homework with M&J while trying to make dinner and balance a crying baby on my hip. I could have used my hubby home early too! But take hope - today was better and I know that tomorrow will be for you too! That's awesome that you are doing a women's study - I hope you are able to relax and soak in the blessed word of God. Enjoy it!

Janna Widdifield said...

I can so relate, too! In fact, yesterday was totally one of those days for me. Now that Matt is doing football practice, when 5 p.m. rolls around I still have another hour or hour and a half before he'll be home. I miss my "5 p.m. reinforcement" as I lovingly call him.

Jacob Peterson said...

Oh, enjoy the rocking while you can!! I hardly ever get to rock Jacob anymore and it's so sad! :( Hope Noah feels better soon. Teething is NO fun!!!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry Jodie!! I hate those days! Sometimes I just need a Mommy-break and it's so hard when the hubbies are gone extra late! Enjoy the rocking/cuddle time while it lasts. I never get it with Chloe anymore (she's almost 3 and quite a 'big girl' now!)