Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Read Previous Post and VOTE! :)

I wanted to post some cute pictures of Noah, but I am having so much fun reading what people are guessing about baby's gender, I want to make sure you vote on my previous post....tomorrow is the big day!

On to baby #1. Some of the pics I've taken have been a little random, but still super sweet. Enjoy! **Some of them are blurry, I must have had the camera on a weird setting...sorry!**

My little handsome guy:

Playtime with (rather, on) daddy:

He was helping me make banana bread this morning, enjoying a banana of his own!
Brushing his teeth after a delicious breakfast (he started in the bathroom but followed me out when I got the camera!)

Trying soooo hard to put on mommy's flip flops! Enjoy the progression of pics!

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Grandma Nancy said...

2 cute, 2 sweet, and 2 SMART!!