Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to normal

It seems like we are all getting back to normal. Noah is 100% better and mommy is feeling better (more rested) too. :)

Since Hylke's been so busy lately, we decided to take a little "daycation". Sunday after church Hylke decided to take Monday as a comp day and we got some stuff packed and headed to Carlsbad for the night. What a great little get-away! The weather was beautiful...coastal weather is just delightful! Noah slept great in the hotel room...7:30 pm-8am!! I don't remember the last time I slept until 8am. Even if Noah sleeps late, I'm usually up, not yesterday. After spending the day in Carlsbad, we were able to stop by Temecula and see Hylke's parents and some of our friends.

This morning we didn't wake up until 8:45. This is unheard of. Most parents out there know that there's really no need for alarm clocks, our children wake us up plenty early (unless you like getting up REALLY early). Well, this morning, since our alarm clock didn't wake up until 8:45 (catching up on lost sleep...) we didn't wake up until 8:45!! Again, this just doesn't happen...we're always (except for this morning) up before that. I must admit, it felt very nice!!

Ok, off to finish being productive! :)


Julie said...

jealous! (though I did get to take a nap yesterday afternoon)

Amy said...

Wow.. and 845 alarm clock.. didn't know that existed!!