Tuesday, April 26, 2011

14 weeks 2 days

Those of you with multiple children probably remember the phenomenon of  showing earlier with each child.  When I was pregnant with Noah I couldn't wait to be able to fit into maternity clothes.  I remember being 16 weeks on Christmas and there was a little tiny belly sticking out.  With Elliana I remember that belly (which, unfortunately was never "little tiny" haha) poked out much earlier.  THIS time around, though I'm only 14w2d, I'm looking and feeling much closer to 20 weeks!   Here are my first (two) official pregnancy picture(s):

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Easter Fun

 My wonderful (and very talented) friend, Michelle, set up a little Easter shoot for some of her friends.  I couldn't believe what a great job she did designing this little photo shoot set (except that she's really talented, so I kind of can :) ).  I also couldn't believe how absolutely adorable these pics turned out!  These are mostly of my kiddos (and Michelle"s daughter, Sydney...one of Noah's best friends) and though I'm a little biased, I think they are the most adorable kiddos ever. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


You may remember my post back in September when I wrote about Elliana starting to show signs that she was ready to potty train.  Honestly, I wasn't ready to potty train her.  Anyone else agree that a diaper is super convenient...especially with an 18 month old??  She continued to tell me that she had to go potty several times a day, and even though she was staying dry most of the time, I kept her in diapers.  Finally, in February, I realized that I just needed to make the transition from diapers to big girl undies.  She was SO ready!  I think of it as a trade off...when she was a baby, I was up in the night with her WAY more than I was with Noah.  But, she made potty training super easy.  :)  It's so funny how big her pants look on her bottom with no diaper...so cute.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I know, it's been forever since I updated!  Sorry!  I'm blaming it on first trimester fatigue and being sick (not pregnancy sick!) for almost 4 weeks.  I am finally on antibiotics, but relief can't come soon enough.  Needless to say, every free moment has been spent resting, or doing something to try and feel better.  I have some posts that I've written in my mind, but the energy it takes to sit and write just hasn't been there.  So, be patient with me. I really do promise that I'll be back sometime soon. :)  In the meantime, please pray that healing would come quickly for me.  Thanks, my friends!