Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A little funny

Yesterday, while Noah and I were at the grocery store, I had a funny conversation with our cashier. It went something like this:

Cashier to Noah: "What a pretty girl you are"
Me to Myself: "haha, that's sooo funny, most people think he's 'all boy' !"
Cashier to Noah: "You are such a pretty girl...so, so pretty!"
Me to Myself: "Please, dear Lord, don't let her ask me 'her' name!"
Cashier to Noah: "I don't see babies as pretty as you very often"
Me to Myself: "Ok, he is a pretty baby...but a girl??"
at the very end of my order:
Cashier to Me: "Wait, that's not a girl, he's a boy!" I just couldn't tell...he's so pretty...maybe when he grows more hair I'll be able to tell. :)
Me to Cashier: "Oh, that's ok. :)" I then think to myself, don't most people get it wrong when girls have little hair?? :)
Those things never bother me, I just chuckle to myself and enjoy the moment. I do, however, think that it is sooo funny that the 2 times he's been mistaken for a girl (yesterday being the second) he was wearing what I think are pretty obvious boy clothes. Yesterday he was wearing the Nike outfit in the above picture...a basketball jersey and shorts, navy blue and yellow!! The first time was in the swimming pool last summer when he was wearing blue swim trunks. I love it!!


Julie said...

how funny! i'm surprised you let it keep going. I usually correct them on the first go. Now, the clothes thing...I understand how people can do it when they are little and wearing yellow and green and all that neutral stuff but a Nike b-ball outfit??? No, i won't be dressing my girl in my son's clothes.

Jodie said...

It was one of those akward things...she seemed so sure it was a girl, I just figured I'd let it go. The more she said it, the more I was like, oh geeze, I can't say something now...how akward! :)

Grandma Nancy said...

I remember a pretty little girl who had very little hair who was often mistaken for a little boy...especially when she was wearing the cute little outfit her daddy bought her...that made her look EXACTLY like a little boy!!

Jeff and Missy said...

My daughter was wearing a pink dress and somebody thought she was a boy! What a cute story.