Friday, June 13, 2008

Some of my favorite things

Well, some of Noah's. Here are some of Noah's favorites:

1. Dogs- Noah loves dogs and if we are with a dog he will go around saying, "dog" the rest of the day. He knows what a dog says ("ruff, ruff") and will follow the dog around wherever it goes. He doesn't mind being licked all over, and doesn't really care if they bark. In fact, if we're inside and hear a dog bark, Noah immediately looks at the window and says, "dog!". The only trouble we now have is that any animal is a dog. He has said "cat" a time or two, but dog is definitely the animal of choice. We were watching a horse the other day and Noah looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, "DOG!"

2. Balls- Noah also loves balls. One of the reason I had lots of different balls at his party is that he just loves balls. He will carry them, throw them, lay on them, and play with them. Again, if he spots a ball, even in the distance, he will let everyone know that there's a ball around. A couple days ago I was in the grocery store getting an onion, as soon as I grabbed it Noah looked at it and said, "ball". No, sweetie, not everything round is a ball...but that's ok. :)

3. Other kids- Noah loves his friends. He gets excited when we are with other kids and he can't wait to get down to play. I'm trying to teach him how to be gentle (especially with the girls) but it's a work in progress. We've had so much fun playing with Rachel and Luke the past couple of days. We're going to go swimming with them after naptime.

4. Food- Noah loves anything and everything! I'm so glad that he's not a picky eater. I'm trying to expose him to as many different foods as possible, even if I don't like it. He just tried PB this week (dr. ok'd it at his 1 year) and he loves it! He absolutely LOOOVES yogurt and enjoys helping daddy eat his every morning. He also likes peas, greenbeans, sweet potatoes, cheese, cottage cheese, turkey, watermelon, banana....I could go on and on!

5. Sleep- Noah is a great sleeper. We have had our weeks for sure (teething isn't very fun) but for the most part he sleeps very well. He takes great naps and doesn't fuss at bedtime...just turns over and goes to sleep. We're trying to get him to stay up just a bit later now that it's light out longer...but he's usally in bed between 6:30 and 7pm.

6. Ma ma and Da Da- Noah loves his mommy and daddy. We have soooo much fun with him. He's getting such a fun, sweet little personality. I love to see it developing more and more each day. He knows when he's being funny and loves to laugh at himself. He loves laughing at his mommy and especially his daddy.

7. Songs- Noah loves to sing songs with us. Recently he's being doing some hand motions to, Itsy-bitsy Spider. As soon as I start to sing it, he does the hand motions for "down came the rain". He also knows a dutch song, "Klap eens in je handjes" In the song you clap your hands and then put them on your head and then you rock your head from side to side. It is so cute watching him do it. We did it with him for awhile and then one time I was singing and he did it by himself. He even knew when to go from clapping to having his hands on his, I'm such a proud mommy. :)

8. Water- Noah loves to swim and loves taking baths. We've been out in the pool several times a week. He likes to sit on the side and "jump" to me on 3.

What do YOUR little ones like??

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The David & Misty Hylkema Clan said...

Yeah..about the songs! I heard it was Noah's Oma that started singing the Dutch song...thus the frosting on the hair at his birthday! That was too funny. I didn't realize she had sung that until David told me later. I guess it makes perfect sense now that you said he knows the hand motions. hahaha Too cute!