Monday, June 23, 2008

catching up

Well, Palm Springs was a bit of a disaster. Noah and I ended up coming home Thursday morning after breakfast and spent the rest of the time hanging out around here. There were several different things that played into the disaster (which is probably too dramatic of a word to describe our time) and fortunately there was nothing bad that happened, it's just hard to have a one year old at an 8th grade leadership retreat in a house that is all tile with big tile stairs, and the weather over 114 outside. My idea of spending time in the pool didn't quite work out since the pool was about 100 degrees (literally) so it was too hot to be refreshing. Guitar Hero at 11:00 pm woke Noah up and he didn't get back to sleep until about 1 am...but then he woke up at 6am, so he was exhausted and so were we. Because of the tile (and big steps) we couldn't really let Noah roam around, but since Hylke was in charge of everything, he was out of commission...if I needed to do something, it was hard to keep track of Noah (w/o him throwing a fit b/c he wants to be exploring). Sigh. The rest of the group had a great time; I'm really glad things went so well for them. :)
Saturday we went to Temecula for a wedding. We had a great time catching up with friends. We stayed after the wedding was over and spent some great time with friends!
Yesterday I was able to accomplish some things that I really needed to get done...YAY! Hylke's parents came out for dinner to celebrate Hylke's birthday. We had a very nice time with Oma and Opa.
Today is Hylke's birthday! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!! He went in to the office late so he was able to enjoy some Swedish pancakes with fresh strawberries for breakfast at home. Our church has their big VBS this week. It's a little different than the standard's more like camp, but sleeping at home. 8-5 mon-fri. Students get to pick electives during the day in addition to traditional VBS. Hylke is teaching a Tennis elective...he will actually drive the students to the courts and they'll do a week of tennis. He's excited. Noah and I being our mommy and me swim classes today. He just loves to swim. He goes under the water and everything...what a big boy. :) After swimming I think we'll meet up for dinner...Hylke choosing, of course. I'll try to post a more enjoyable post later (with pics :))


Amy said...

Fun! Can't wait to hear about swimming!

Julie said...

ya, that doesn't sound fun to me either! sorry it didn't work out.