Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am typically a glass half full kind of girl. I tend to see the good (even if it's small) in each situation and just overall very optimistic. Last night, however, optimism's evil twin, pessimism showed his ugly face and took over my thinking. You see, today we are leaving to go to Palm Springs for 3 days...FUN! But, there are a couple of factors that have me thinking...BLAH!! First, this isn't really a fun family get away, we're taking along 25 junior high students. :) I LOVE junior highers, but, it's just not the same. We're renting a beautiful 4,000 sq. ft house with a great pool...YAY....but with the weather at 113, 113, 114 respectively, I'm thinking that it's a bit too hot to have Noah outside in the pool...BLAH! The house is very nice (from pics) and my son is a new walker longing to discover all things new...exhausting. Are there breakables around every corner??? Maybe I should have opted on staying home!?!?! BUT, now I'm committed....since our car seats 8 passengers, I'm officially tied to this trip...I'm a driver. Normally I'd be super excited about this...I love youth group getaways, but for some reason (the few listed above and some others...I'm just not looking forward to it. I must confess, I've had a bad attitude and I'm praying that it changes soon. I'm making a conscious decision to begin looking at all the great things............I'm sure I'll have lots of fun things to post next week. :)


Amy said...

Good for you for still going, and I"m sure you will have fun - Enjoy the time they are all out scavenger hunting and get some quiet time. Can't wait to hear about it!

Amy said...

Welcome Home :)