Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31, 2003

This is the day that I married my best friend. 5 years ago today, I began the journey of a lifetime with the man I love, my best friend, Hylke. What a wonderful celebration we had, and what a wonderful 5 years this has been. Thank you, Hylke, for being such an outstanding husband to me, and such an incredible daddy to Noah. I am blessed to be your wife. In honor of our 5 year anniversary, here are the 5 things I most appreciate about you (in no particular order):

1. You make me laugh like none other

2. Your love is sacrificial

3. You are a constant source of encouragement to me

4. You are an INCREDIBLE father

5. You provide for us so that I can stay home with Noah

I can't wait to continue this journey we're on, and grow old with you. (Although, I'm not in any hurry to grow old...haha) I love you, babe.


Amy said...

Congrats! Happy Anniversary!

Jeff and Missy said...

Congratulatons! Being married is great! Have a wonderful time!

Grandma Nancy said...

Dad and I are so grateful for the love and happiness and compatability you have found in each other. As the years go by, keep working at making your love for each other fresh and new, and ALWAYS make time for just the two of you!
Happy Anniversary and we hope you have many, many more!
Mom and Dad

Megan said...

You are too cute Jodie! Happy Anniversary!

Julie said...

happy anniversary, jodie and hylke! wow, 5 years was a beautiful day!