Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thank Heaven for Vacation!

Well, we just got home from our little getaway and boy was it nice to be away and to relax!! The weather in Scottsdale was perfect; we laid by the pool, went around the lazy river, and took a day trip to Sedona. We had never been to is so beautiful! All of the rock formations are just gorgeous. Here are a couple pics we took.

Noah was such a trooper! With our day trip to Sedona he ended up being in his carseat a bit more than we anticipated and a bit more than he'd like! After we walked all throughout the park looking at the rocks, he was ready to take a nap...going, going....gone:

Noah loves the water. We had so much fun taking him in the pool. We love this resort because of the great pools that they have. Noah had fun splashing around and floating with us. He even went in the lazy river! I had him lay with me in my tube; he loved it. After we all went around, Hylke took Noah and let me float in the lazy river all by myself for awhile, it was WONDERFUL! I didn't think about anything, I just laid back with my eyes closed and listened to the sound of the waterfall...I could use a lazy river in my backyard!! :) Here's our little man all ready for pool time:

He liked having his own lounge chair too. I took this cute video of him playing with his toes:

Well, the little bambino is sound asleep, and I have some unpacking to do. Hopefully I'll get to hit the hay a bit earlier tonight than I have been. Hylke and I took some advantage of alone time (with no housework, church work or other work calling our names!) to watch a couple late night movies in our hotel room...I stayed up past midnight 2 nights in a row!! Unheard of for me (since having a baby of course! :)) Anyway, I think I'll enjoy some extra sleep tonight!

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