Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Noah pics

Noah is so much fun! I love spending my days with him; he really does bring us so much joy! Enjoy these pics:
Drinking his "choo-choo juice":
Post nap bedhead:
Looking handsome at his cousing birthday party:

His first time hitting a pinata (thanks for the help uncle David):


Julie said...

anxious to hear if you c/s date was moved up too...

oh and tomorrow (friday) probably isn't going to work... I'm babysitting Maddie in the morning until a little after lunch.

Julie said...


Cowen Family said...

Jodie, I found you! What a fun evening last night. I sure felt "sharpened." Not sure why, just very encouraging to be with a bunch of believers. You are in my prayers with the little sweet baby girl. As a mom of 2 c-sections myself, I am here if you have any questions;) Hannah

Cowen Family said...
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