Monday, January 26, 2009

The significance of a picture

Today a friend said to me, "You really need to update your blog!" I explained to her that since the passing of our dear camera, nearly 2 weeks ago, I've not been motivated to blog. :) Surely people are far more interested in pictures than my words! I've been in a bit of a blogger's depression. We have not purchased a new camera (though we have been researching them...:)) and well, I've wanted to wait until I had a picture to post. Well, today I have a couple pictures to post and I will explain why they are so significant.

Picture #1: About 4 days after the "toliet accident" I decided to see if I could turn on the camera. They always say to let it dry out first. It attempted to turn on, but no luck. A couple days later I tried my surprise it turned on!! I was actually able to take a picture and this is what it looked like. Clearly, it's a picture of my handsome hubby. :)

Picture #2: A couple days after taking picture #1 I decided to try again...and, well, this is what I got!! Yep, a bit more clear.

Picture #3: This afternoon I thought I'd try one more time...just to see. Well...

Yep, there he is again, my handsome (and a bit caught off guard) hubby.

It seems as though there is new life in our camera!! Not only was I able to take this picture, I was also able to take a short video. I was also able to view them and download them to my computer with NO PROBLEMS!! I did have some issues at first as I changed the settings...I would put it to video and it would read "beach"...none of them were correct. However, after playing with it some, it seems like even that kink has been cleared up.

I fully anticipate making up for lost picture taking time. I'll even show you the latest belly picture...measuring 4 weeks ahead! I'll post more about that later. Could our little baby come early? What's your guess? And for those curious about Noah's size, he was 7 lbs. 14 oz.


Amy said...

Oh, yay! I'm so so happy for you - what a relief!

Julie said...

so glad it works!!!