Monday, January 5, 2009

Cleaning up

Last night we began taking our Christmas decorations down. I must say, it feels good. I love the coziness of the lights, tree, garland and other decorations, but Hylke and I both agreed that it just wasn't the same anymore. I think our time away visitng family and being up the in the mountains helped me transition. :) Noah's excitement seemed to die down as well. He would come out every morning and ask to turn on all the lights...since we returned home he's only mentioned them in passing. This morning when he came out and saw that the tree was down and lights were removed he just looked at me a little confused, "yights?". He was a big helper and brought me each of the 9 strands of lights that lit our tree and helped me put them in their boxes along with some other decorations as well.

So now comes baby preparations. Yes, I still have 8 weeks....or should I say, I only have 8 weeks? I think I may be nesting already...maybe it's because I know I'll be too big to be doing some of this stuff later, and since I'm cleaning and putting away now, I may as well be getting some of the baby stuff out and in their appropriate places. Or maybe the nesting instinct is really taking over?? Either way, I've decided to go ahead and begin getting things in order for Little Miss. Noah's toys used to be where our Christmas tree was, but before we put up our tree we reorganized a bit, changing our dining room into a play area with a nice shelving unit with baskets that keep toys, blocks, books and other various items. We moved our dining area to our back room (attached to the kitchen...) we never really used that room, so now it's nice to use our space a little more efficiently. Anyway, we wanted to move his stuff so that 1. he'd have a bigger place to call his own and 2. there would be room for some baby stuff to come back out.

Although I haven't completely gone mad with getting things in order, I figure over the next few weeks there will be evidence that a new little one is on her way. What a strange, but exciting reality. :)

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