Friday, November 30, 2007


It's raining it's pouring and I bet I was snoring...actually, no, I don't snore...;) Anyway, even if I wasn't snoring, I WAS cuddled up in my covers in our king size bed all to myself for 3 hours this afternoon while Noah was napping!! :) It's been raining all day here (I LOVE it!) and the weather, mixed with my droopy eyes made for the perfect afternoon to nap.
When Noah and I got home from our MOPs group at church it was just about time for his afternoon nap. After having some lunch I put Noah down and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to lay down myself...3 hours later we woke up! WOW!! **I did take one phone call during that time. And, after remembering where I was and what I was doing, I was able to make some sense out of our conversation; sorry, Amy. It took no time at all to fall back into the wonderful world of dreamland.** I can't tell you how refreshed I feel!!
Now, I'm making some homemade corn chowder for dinner; the perfect rainy day meal! With our Christmas tree lit and glowing in the front window, and its wonderful smell lingering in the air, I'm in wintertime bliss (at least for now). What a great way to usher in December!

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Amy said...

So extrememly jealous here.. If someone can PLEASE teach Isabella how valuable a nap would be... and make her realize she won't "miss" anything... ahhh.. I'd love to nap... now, not only did I not nap, I've been up since 3am hoping LIly's party goes well!