Saturday, November 24, 2007

What a week!

Last Sunday we took off for a week of fun with friends and family. We started off our week visiting some good friends in Ventura, CA. We always have so much fun with Steve and Colleen (and Zach and Josh too) so it's no surprise that we stayed up laughing well into the night both nights!! It was so great visiting them and just relaxing. On Tuesday afternoon we headed to Santa Clarita to visit my parents and had a great time. We got to spend some extra time with Bella and Lily when Amy and Alex went to see Wicked on Wednesday night (a great show). I know my parents were thrilled to have their 3 grandchildren there all together. Grandma and Grandpa loved on Noah the whole time (of course!) and the girls couldn't get enough of him. We took some cute pics of all three of them, but with my moms camera. On Thursday afternoon we headed south to spend 2 nights with Hylke's family. 4 grandchildren and 2 on the's slowly becoming the Hylkema zoo. :) We enjoyed a WONDERFUL traditional turkey dinner (even though it was lunch time) at my parents house and a delicious tri-tip dinner at Hylke's mom and dad's. I LOVE the way my mom prepares Thanksgiving, everything was sooo dad even worked on it too...thanks for the yummy mashed potatoes, dad! Can you believe that after a week of fun with friends and family (say that 10x fast!) I have hardly any great pics. I have some, of course, but not as many as I should. I know my mom has some on her camera, but I wish I had snapped more than I did. Here are some fun ones:

Noah giving mommy some lovin':
Spending some time with Grandma and "Baca" (it was hard to get him to sit still :))

Grandma loves her little grandson, and Bella loves her little cousin:

Noah when he first woke up:

Here's what happens when daddy is in charge of changing:
Lots of laughs...

but pants end up....

on Noah's head!

Silly daddy! My two favorite boys have SO much fun together. I am blessed.

Look at those sweet brown eyes and rosey cheeks.

And that sweet smile!

Well, I just looked at the clock and realized that I should probably turn in. Goodnight!


Amy said...

Totally cute pictures! Any "train" ones come out?

The McComb Family said...

so fun! We need together the next time I am in CA! I am coming out the end of Feb!

Julie said...

he is so cute!