Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween 2007

Even though Noah's not quite at the Trick-or-Treating age, we had fun putting him in a little costume. Our church has a big Halloween event, Halloween Happenin', we have about 4,000 people from the community come trick-or-treating to the different booths we have set up. The JH group ran about 8-10 booths and had a really fun time. I thought I'd post a couple pics of us dressed up for Halloween:

Our adorable Hotdog:

Mommy and her hotdog:

Sidenote: our friend Evan dressed up as "Waldo" from Where's Waldo...in this picture you can only see a portion of him and it reminds me of a real Where's Waldo picture. :)

Daddy and his Hotdog:

Our tired little hotdog:

We do have a family picture, but it is on a friends camera. I can't wait until our little man is walking around and saying, "trick-or-treat"....too fun!