Friday, November 16, 2007

Rolley Polley

It's official. We have a roller! Noah is making his way all over. It's not too out of control yet, but if I have him on the playgym go to another room and come back a minute later, he has rolled somewhere different! Here's a pic I snapped the other day:

He started out on the playgym mat, and in no time at all he was by the couch (playing with his toes of course)

If you read my other post about Noah playing with his toes, you'll appreciate this. I love watching him sleep; occasionally I'll just peek in to see my sweet boy in dreamland. The other day I went into his room and this is how he was sleeping:
I love the story that this picture tells....Noah was playing with his favorite, built in toys (toes) and finally after a long struggle got the one sock off...trying so hard to remove the second sock (notice the stretched out toes) he realized that he was just too tired to keep trying...satisfied with the one, he called it a day.

Two nights ago we gave Noah his first veggies...peas! :) He actually really liked them at first (and still does like them), but after the first few bites, he started making the funniest faces.

But really, he likes them...haha.


The McComb Family said...

The last picture of Noah looks like you Jodie...not that you look like that all the time, it looks like you when you make a funny face!! He is SOOO cute!

Julie said...

so stinkin cute.