Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Stocking Dilema Update

After going back and forth on what to do, and even getting some wonderful advice from you all, I decided to go ahead and order the matching stocking for Noah and hope for the best. My friend Julie told me that she has the same stockings and ordered her youngest son's stocking this year and it matched perfectly with ones she had ordered 4 years ago. I did like some of the other stockings, but when I held the pictures next to each other it was like lime green next to hunter green...not very nice!

I am happy to report that Noah's stocking came in yesterday and it is a perfect match! YAY! I went online and ordered a couple more today (with no personalization) so that we have them if our family expands....and if I don't use them, there's always ebay. :) They are a great price and free shipping...I just couldn't pass it up. Now, if the tree skirt would just go on sale, I'd be a REALLY happy camper.

happy decorating,

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Julie said...

i'm so glad!! You didn't share on here HOW MANY you got. One BIG happy family!!! ;) I need a tree skirt too!! The table cloth wrapped around the tree is getting old!