Friday, July 18, 2008

First Trimester Fatigue

At times it's a little overwhelming...where is all my energy going? Oh, right. It's all focused on this growing bean inside of me!!! It's amazing how the energy gets sucked right out of me. Yesterday the nausea began. It's not horrible, just an unwelcome visitor that hangs around me for the day. Yes, indeed, this is the first trimester!


Katie said...

Hang in there! 2nd trimester will be here before you know it. (I remember how yucky 1st trimester is :( )

The David & Misty Hylkema Clan said...

Isn't it funny (NO...not really!) how the nausea just happens all of a sudden? It's like one day you are fine thinking you may not get it...then like a light switch...BAM!!! Sorry you are feeling yucky...definitely no fun...even worse when you are exhausted. It will be interesting to see if this oh-so-lovely nausea brings about any food aversions. I remember with Ryleigh and Caleb and couldn't eat grilled chicken (prepared other ways was fine..haha) and Camrynne I don't think I had specific food aversions because anything and everything made me barf..haha Well...take it easy and rest whenever you can and drink lots o' water!! Oh your aversions and cravings start sure to post. It'll be fun to keep tabs and to see how this pregnancy may or may not be different than what it was for you with Noah.

Amy said...

Sorry sis, I remember the tiredness well... Hope the nausea keeps low - and passes quickly. I remember that too well!