Thursday, July 24, 2008

Animal sounds, words and signs

We've been reading several books about animals lately and Noah has loved every minute of it. We've read some of them so many times that he "reads" the book to us. Well, I guess he doesn't quite read the book to us, but he looks at what animal is on the page, says the name of the animal and then flips the page. So far he knows:
Dog: Woof, Woof
Cat: Maaw (high pitched voice)
Cow: Mooooooooooooooooo
Chicken: ba, ba, ba (bok, bok, bok)
Sheep: baaaaaaa
Pig: hmmm...he attemps a's pretty cute

He's also really started trying to say some new words. We visited our friends Mark, Amber and baby Joel, this week and he knew all of their names:

Amber: baber or bamber
Mark: Mar
Joel: Doe and Doel

He's also been using his signs so much. I'm really glad that I spent time teaching him the signs. There was a period of time when I wondered if it would really work, but for a couple months he's been using them...he's been consistently using them for the past month or so. Here are the signs he uses most:

Thank You
All Done

I may introduce a couple more, but these work well for now. Yesterday our friend Mark was watching Joel and Noah so that Amber and I could visit our friends and their new baby. Mark called and said that Noah was using all of these signs at lunch and he had no idea what they meant! Hehe.


Julie said...

so fun. signing times videos are the best. Caden LOVES did Connor.

Lisa said...

I taught Chloe lot's of signs as well and she did great with it! I really think it sped up her speech too! Noah's at such a fun age!

Amy said...

TOo cute! You forgot the gorilla one though...
Practice Bella and Lily for next time we see you :)

The David & Misty Hylkema Clan said...

How fun! Now how exactly did you teach him? Was it like a video or book or something? I'm assuming this is that "baby sign language" you hear people talking about. That sounds way neat.