Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Double Stroller

Ok, so I know I have some time until I'll need a double stroller (approx. 34 weeks :)) I still like researching and reviewing different double strollers. Do I want a side by side? Tandem?? There are a couple of specs that I know I want...lightweight and durable. After my c-section, I know that I won't want to be lifting a 50 lb. stroller in and out of the car. I also want to be able to hook an infant carrier onto the stroller. I plan to use a sling most of the time, but there are times when it's simply much more convenient to hook the carrier onto the stroller. Here's my problem....some of the ones I really like are soooo expensive!! I'm willing to spend money on something that will be worth the purchase, but when am I simply paying for name and when am I paying for an exceptional product?

Feedback? I'd love it!


Amy said...

post the one you really like! Maybe people have opinions/thoughts/know someone with a used one, lol. I was happy with the one we had! THe Peg Perego double aria ,I think.

Katie said...

We have a Graco duo glider...if you hold off a couple months on your purchase I can tell you all about how it's working for us!

Megan said...

Well who is in your Bible study? Does anyone want to throw you a shower? I say wait awhile and see what happens. The lovely lady who posted above me was in my Bible study, and didn't want a shower. But we all pitched in so she could get the stroller. Just a thought!

oh yeah and then post the ones you like and maybe I can help, not like I'm a mom or anything

MommyGrace said...

We have the Eddie Bauer one from Target. Folds up tiny like an umbrella stroller, it's a front/back one with the back being the best for a small baby, but no carseat attachment. It's extremely light weight and fits in stores etc. not much storage space and no coffee holder for mommy (my two complaints:) good luck! oh yeah, it's stinkin' cheap too!

The David & Misty Hylkema Clan said...

Okay what "mommyGrace" said about no holder for her coffee totally cracked me up!! hahaha Too funny. God only knows that someone that needs a double stroller ineeds coffee. haha And I'm sure there are a plenty of sites to review, but here are a couple



Janna Widdifield said...

We have a Peg Perego double stroller and LOVE it. It goes up so easy and is relatively light weight. I got my second hand (but nearly new) off of craigslist.org Double stroller can be pricey, but if you figure out which one you want, I bet you'll find it second-hand for WAY cheaper.

micah and erica said...

Even though I don't have kids, my sister in law is about to have her 4th and we have used her gear to drag her 3 kids all over the place. She has a BOB stroller. www.bobgear.com
They sell single and double strollers. They don't have they option of a stroller carrier, but I still think it would be worth looking at their site. The strollers are really lite (not so small...) and really easy to push even uphill and off road.
So there's my two cents!
(and I so agree about trying to find one used!)

micah and erica said...

oops, I just checked their website. They do have infant seat attachments. They are sold as an accessory.
Seriously, they are cool strollers.

Julie said...

i'm still a believer in the phil and ted double buggy, with seat underneath. You can order a car seat attachment! Imagine going through tight aisles in stores at the mall, with the width of a single...but SURPRISE...you have a double! ;)