Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I tend to think that if I don't have pics, I shouldn't bother updating my blog. Well, my camera is in my car, which Hylke took today, and so here I am without any pics to post. I decided that it would be ok, atleast this once, to give you a typed update...with pictures coming later. :)

Last Thursday I took Noah to Disneyland for the first time. I wasn't sure if he would enjoy it at all, but some friends were going and invited me along, Hylke was out of town, and I hadn't been in quite some time. I'm so glad I decided to go!! Noah thoroughly enjoyed his time!! He loved the Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan. It was so much fun watching him take everything in. Unfortunately the weather was pretty nasty, so there was much we didn't get to; however, it didn't put too much of a damper on our day...we found a little cove to hideout in while Noah took a 2 hour nap. :) He was such a trooper! He had fun with Goofy (who took extra time with Noah, giving him kisses and high fives) and the street performers in California Adventure. I enjoyed going on some rides too...the stroller pass is awesome! I'm already looking forward to our next really was so much fun watching Noah enjoy his time.

After Noah's morning nap we went over to have brunch with Julie and Eva. I love watching Noah and Eva play...they are both such happy babies. Julie made some banana bread and and egg dish...we always enjoy spending time with them! We spent the rest of Friday home.

To Temecula to celebrate Joel's first birthday. Remember, Joel is 2 1/2 weeks older than know what that means!! Noah had fun with his buddies, and we had fun visiting friends. We stayed in town until about 9 pm visiting with friends.

Grandma/Baca and Oma/Opa came into town for Noah's dedication. This was a special time for us dedicating Noah to the Lord. We desire to raise him in a family where Christ is central to all we do...definitely not an easy responsibility. This was also an opportunity to ask our church body to come alongside us and help us. Noah did great. He was soooo cute up on stage. He was smiling, clapping and doing "SO BIG!" We weren't prompting him, I think he just realized he had a captive audience. :) One of the cutest things was when Mark, the pastor dedicating Noah, asked the congregation if they would commit to praying for Noah and supporting us, they answered, "we will". As soon as they answered, Noah clapped. It was so cute and such perfect timing. We enjoyed having our parents over after for a BBQ...we're blessed with such great parents.

Back to Temecula for a BBQ with Hylke's family. We weren't sure if we were going to go, but decided to at the last minute. It was fun to have all the cousins together...and fun for me to get some cuddle time with my newest nieces.

Getting back into the swing of things! Last night I had my 8th grade small group over for our end of the year time together. I can't believe that they'll be going into high school!! We enjoyed some chocolate fondu and some special sharing time together.

This morning I was able to go back to the school I taught at last year to see my former students (now graduating seniors) put on the senior chapel. It was so fun seeing them once more before they graduate.

WOW!! Lots to type about! This week we've also spent some time thinking back to what we were doing 1 year ago...preparing for Noah's arrival...what sweet times. How fast a year can pass by.

I'll post pics soon.


mary - \'mar-e\ n. - said...

Hey Jodie- I loved reading your blog today! What a sweet life you live. I can't believe a year has already passed! mary

MommyGrace said...

Jodie,Noah is so precious! We dedicated our girls this past Sunday also but it sounds like Noah did wayyy better than Chloe. She kept saying "I'm sad! All done!! Let's go!". Little stinker!