Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My mom's graduation picture, isn't she beautiful?
My sister, my mom and me this weekend at her surprise 60th birthday party :)

My mom and her 3 grandchildren: Isabella, Noah and Liliana

Mom, today I celebrate you (this is your weekend!! :)) and all of the many ways you've impacted the mother that I've become. Although I've said it before, I now more fully appreciate all of the hours you spent raising me. :) I appreciate the nights you stayed awake with me when all I wanted was a friend (every 2 year old needs a friend in the middle of the night...and please don't remind me of that when I call you b/c Noah wants to play in the middle of the night when he's two), the many times you loved on me and rocked with me and the countless loads of laundry you did for me. :) Thank you for teaching me to, "show Jesus to everyone you meet" and although I know I didn't always do that, it's a lesson I still strive to do well and one that I will teach my children to do. Thank you for laughing with me, crying with me and walking through difficult times with me, even if I seemed like I wasn't interested in you doing so at the time. Thank you for the "mom" that you've become to Hylke and for loving him like your very own son. Thank you for the wonderful grandma that you are to Noah. Thank for singing to him, loving him, teaching him, caring for him and most importantly praying for him. Thank you for supporting me in EVERY aspect...and never forgetting to celebrate any accomplishments. Thank you for being proud of me and know what...even to this day. :) Mom, I love you and celebrate YOU today. I'm glad we got to spend this weekend together.


Grandma Nancy said...

Oh my word! I thought I had finally stopped crying this weekend, but here I go again!! Thank you for the wonderful surprise party you and Amy (and Dad, of course) orchestrated to celebrate my 60th! I thank God for the years He has given me. Far more than that, however, I thank Him for my precious family. I can't think of any greater joy for a mother than to see her children walk with the Lord and become wonderful wives and mothers in their own right. I am truly, truly blessed!! Thank you for being you and for the great joy you bring to all with whom you come into contact. You and Amy truly "Light Up My Life"...and, of course, "I'm Proud Of You..."
I love you,

Amy said...

Can i just "ditto" to everything Jodie said? I'm not so good at putting things into words, but she sure is! HAppy Mother's day!! Love you!