Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on my previous post

If you have not read "It's 12:14 am..." read that first. :)

So, back to bed I went...Noah did fairly well, but not the 7:30am I was hoping for. 4:30am rolled around and he was back up and screaming. I went in, put him down and went back to bed....3 mins later :)...went in nursed him and then went back to bed. I admit, I was so tired I just wanted him to sleep. Do I think he was really hungry? No. Did I nurse him anyway? YES. Did I even have time to think about it or was I on tired mommy autopilot? Autopilot. 7am rolls around...no, he wasn't screaming, he was just doing his I'm awake and happy (HOW IN THE WORLD?? :)) and talking. After a bit Hylke went in (w/o my prompting) got him, took him into the living room and played for awhile, gave him breakfast and then brought the exersaucer into our room and let him play in that while I continued to...ummm...rest...not sleep, but lay in bed with my tired eyes closed. Once I mustered up the energy at about 8:15 I got up with him and we started our day.

Three things that saved my life today (not literally, but you know....)
1. My dear husband taking care of Noah this am
2. Panera blueberry bagel...I NEEDED THAT!
3. Strong coffee with too much creamer...I needed that too!!!

I hear my dear sweet boy waking up from his nap about 1 hour too early...will the saga continue today?!?! At least I'm in a better state of mind to think clearly...and I can tolerate his crying a bit more. :)

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Vicki said...

My son did the same thing when he was 6 months old. He was up crying off and on all night. I even found him standing up in his crib asleep. I felt so sorry for him. The next day he had a little cold, so I took him to the Dr. The poor little guy had an ear infection and the Dr. said that was probably what was keeping him awake most of the night. So you might want to check out that possibility. I felt like such a bad mom, because I kept letting him cry during the night not knowing about the earache. Hope things are getting better and you get a good night sleep.