Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a great Easter celebrating Christ's resurrection. If the resurrection didn't happen, our faith would be useless. Easter is such a special day and each year I'm really beginning to understand and appreciate the importance of this day as it relates to my faith.

What a beautiful Easter Sunday it was here in Southern CA!! 85 degrees!! Here are some pics I took while we were out front enjoying some sun:

and of my little ham cruising around the coffee table:

Hylke, Noah and I are leaving in the morning to go down to Mexico to build houses for two families. We're taking about 23 JH students...we can't wait! Today we had lunch with some good friends and spent the rest of the day getting everything in order for our trip. I'm excited that we get to bring Noah (although logistically it's a bit more complicated ;) I'm excited to expose him to the ministry aspect of our family in all ways. Both of the families that we're building houses for have babies...I'm also excited to have Noah along for that--a connection point with the mom's. There are some things that break language barriers, babies are one. Please be praying for, good health, and great ministry! I'll post pictures when we return at the end of the week. Until then....


Amy said...

Happy Easter!! I tried to include an Easter pic for ya but it won't let me .... ideas?

Julie said...

wow. praying for you guys! he looks so handsome and I'm totally jealous of the weather! It was raining all day yesterday!