Monday, March 3, 2008

Surviving Step and Going Green

Today I accomplished a couple of things that I've been wanting to do. They may not seem very significant, but I'm proud of myself!!!

First, I got back to the gym and signed Noah up for the Kids Klub. I joined LA Fitness to shed the unwanted "Noah Love" or baby weight, back in October, but in all honesty I haven't been very good about using the membership. I have a list of excuses that is at least 10 miles long and some excuses are really valid, but if I want to see those pounds actually come off, I figured I better find a way to shorten the list and get back to the gym. My number one problem was childcare for Noah. Noah's a pretty scheduled baby and I really try my hardest to make sure he gets his naps and feedings on schedule (and I reap the wonderful benefits of a baby who sleeps through the night!!) so finding time to make it to the gym and back seemed almost impossible during the day, when he was younger. When Hylke comes home it's time to eat dinner, get Noah ready for bed and then put him down. 7pm would seem like the perfect time for me to head out to the gym...Noah's sleeping, Hylke's home to watch sweet husband just wants me home to spend some time with me. :) Honestly, I try and remind him that those extra pounds won't shed that way...but I have to admit, I'd rather be home with him too. Therein lies the problem...I never make it to the gym. After talking with some gals from church (one of whom uses the Kiddie Klub and assures me that my sweet one will be fine) I decided to go ahead, sign Noah up, and get my bottom (yes, a little bigger than it should be right now) back to the gym!! YAY!! Today I took the step plus abs was a wonderfully painful (literally) reminder of how desperately I need this!! I feel good and am happy that I can now bring Noah with me and get in a workout while Hylke's at work! Oh, and I actually enjoyed the step class can read my first experience here.

The next thing I did was use my reusable grocery bags! We can't afford to "go green" in all areas, but I did realize that there were some small changes that I can make to help the environment. We already use the light bulbs that are more eco-friendly, we got energy efficient washer/dryer (yay for front loaders!) and now I have my very own grocery bags instead of using the plastics bags provided by the store. Costco sells a 3 pack of reusable bags (and they are SO BIG) for $3.49. I can load so much into one bag, it's wonderful. The bags also have longer handles that fit over the shoulder...a perfect way to carry in all the groceries at one time (or maybe two).

So there you have it, my accomplishments for the day!


mary - \'mar-e\ n.(1980) - said...

I completely understand your pride for accomplishing seemingly insignificant tasks. Going back to the gym and exercising can be really hard so I want to cheer you on! GO JODIE!! ;D

Katie said...

Yay Jodie!
We just got a Front Loader too :) arrives tomorrow and I'm so excited. Our old piece of junk washer died after 2 years. I'm actually looking forward to doing lots o' laundry now!

Janna Widdifield said...

Oh, girl! I know how you feel about that baby weight (and the exercise excuses). I am in my workout clothes and about to step on my treadmill as I type...I'm so thankful to have this in the house because the cold winter wind in howling outside. Luckily, I can just sit Jack in the bouncy seat next the machine to watch me run--err more like jog. I gain like 55 lbs when I get prego and I've got about 35 more to lose. Here's the losing the weight, friend. I'm right there with ya!

Amy said...

Yeah, sister! We'll be hot mamas again in no time :)