Wednesday, March 5, 2008

9 months and other stuff :)

It is so hard to believe that Noah is 9 months old already. I remember walking through the store when he was brand new and everyone commenting on how tiny he he's the big boy! I compared his newborn diapers (I saved one) and his size 3 diapers, what a difference.

My big boy has even started snacking on Cheerios! He loves them and even prefers them over the flavored Gerber Puffs. Here's a little clip I took...feel free to stop watching after he gets the first one in his mouth...the video just shows him doing it a couple more times. :)

I decided to include a couple of my new favorite pics...beware...there may be a naked've been warned. :)

Cuddle time with Daddy:

Playing with his "new" toy:

(thanks again Isabella and Lily for sharing your toys with Noah!)

Changing time:

This has become a bit more interesting... if he can get away, he will (or scream trying)!!
Noah and his buddy Will:

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Amy said...

Too stinkin' cute! That toy was Bella's FAVORITE and Lily loved it too. Glad Noah's enjoying it! I looked at these with Bella and she snickered, covering her mouth "Noah's not wearing a diaper!" lol.. and then "Hey, is that two Noahs??" Silly girl :)