Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's wrong with this??

Ok, so living in Southern California you'd think that we'd spend much of our time basking in the sun at the beach...or even enjoying a cooler day by the water than in the hot, hot valleys. Well, this year has not really been that way for us. In fact, I avoided the beach (and anything that required a bathing suit) at all costs this summer (unless, of course, it was at my parent's house in the backyard). I'm sure you can imagine why I wouldn't have wanted (and most definitely still do not want) to be seen in public with Lycra plastered on my postpartum body. Anyway, we have taken Noah to the beach two times. Here's a picture from Noah's first beach trip:

Noah was still so small that we couldn't have him out in the direct sun (even in the sun it was chilly). Under our ezee-up it was FREEZING!!! I had to bundle him up and cover him in blankets...it was pretty miserable. Now picture #2:

Yup, that's right...pants, coat and even a hat (the mittens came on a couple mins later). It was a beautiful, but very chilly day. Now, I know we'll have many more opportunities to go to the beach with our son, but I just thought it was kinda funny that the two times he's been to the beach, it's been freezing. Go figure.

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