Tuesday, January 29, 2008


If you're anything like me, you love getting recipes of meals or desserts that are tried and true, and don't take all day to prepare. I have a new favorite cooking website and I wanted to share it with the rest of you! My friend posted a link to it on her blog, and I'm so glad she did; I love it! It's so great because not only does it give you a list of the ingredients you'll need and step by step instructions on how to prepare the meal, it gives pictures too!! Step by step pictures!! I love that. Have you ever read a recipe and wondered what exactly they meant with a certain direction? Like, how brown should you brown something or how heaping should the tablespoon of baking soda be? Well, she has pictures...you'll never have to guess. The recipes look DELICIOUSSSSSS and her writing is hilarious. I think you'll enjoy reading her recipes as much as you'll enjoy cooking and eating them (well, maybe not as much as eating them :)) I plan on making the Cinnamon Rolls this week for my mom's group at church. What recipe will you make??


Beverly said...

Hi, I saw your comment over at Nate's site. That is quite a recipe blog.

Beverly said...

As I was reading about how you like a blog with recipes, I thought I needed to send you to my favorite. Yep, the pioneer woman is MY fav too. How funny!!!
I also saw your comment on Nate's blog. Beverly and I read the same sites.