Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tub Time

One thing that has remained the same for Noah since he was able to take "real baths": he LOVES them!! Now that he's sitting up, and much more active, bath time has become so much fun, for all of us! Last night I snapped a few pics, and a couple videos of our bathtime fun. The first video is of Hylke getting him ready for the bath (it's a really dark video, so you'll have to imagine what it looked like and just listen. :)) He loves playing with his daddy...he was laughing so much with Hylke. The other pics and video are pretty self explanitory. Enjoy our little water loving boy!!

***For those of you who have not read about Nathan and Tricia and they journey they are on, please take time to read my previous 2 posts. ***


Julie said...

don't you just want to eat him? I think i 'ate' caden up a little too much today. Poor babies. They are just too cute, not to eat. If you aren't a mom, you just won't understand and you think i'm some kind of crazy. Thats okay.

Jodie said...

Oh Julie, I eat him up each and every day. He must be thinking to himself, oh mom, you're at it again. I just love this little guy...and I can't wait for him to meet your little guys....;)

Beverly said...

What a cute little guy!