Wednesday, July 15, 2009

chickens, sleeping and a cutie

You may remember from this post how much fun Noah has with the chickens at Oma and Opa's house. The first thing that Noah talks about when we visit Hylke's parents is going to see the chickens. This past weekend we were there celebrating Opa's 60th birthday and since we were there a little early Noah got to go with Opa to get the eggs that the chickens had laid. Noah was so excited to get out to the coop that he didn't stay inside long enough for Hylke to put his shorts back on after his diaper change. It made for a pretty cute picture. :)

Getting ready to go to the chickens with Opa:

Looking super cute in his boots:

Heading down to the chickens with Opa:

Looking at the eggs they got from the chickens:

Onto some Elliana news.

Just a few days ago I peeked in on her napping and this is what I found:

She's always been a back sleeper...but now that she's rolling over, apparently she likes sleeping on her tummy better. She's been on her tummy in the mornings the past couple mornings, so I'm assuming this is her new favorite sleeping position. Noah didn't sleep on his tummy until he was 9 months, you may remember this post.

And, just because I think she's super cute, here are some pics of Elliana that I took just before bedtime tonight:


Grandma Nancy said...

Noah's having experiences you NEVER had as a toddler...or an adult either! They are both totally cutie patooties!!

Janna Widdifield said...

Oh, I seriously gave a little gasp when I scrolled down to Elliana's little smile. She is SOOOO lovely!