Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy Bees

We have stayed very busy this summer. However, it's the fun kind of busy...trips to the beach, grandma/grandpa's house, a couple days in palm springs, get the idea. This past week we decided to hit the beach again. It was such a beautiful day! Noah had so much fun building sand castles with daddy, and a large trench that he sat in as the ocean water came and filled it up. His very own sand pool!

On another note, my sweet Noah is getting SO big! I can't believe how quickly they grow up. He carries on conversations with us, and is putting together long sentences (he's been carrying on sentences for awhile, we just didn't always know what he was saying...haha). Here are few of the cute things he's been saying, "Mommy, Look!", "Mommy (or daddy), come play too?", "Elliana awake! Go get her?" "Hi, Mommy. How are you?" This morning while we were playing with his Thomas trains, I had the whole crew of trains go over the bridge and they all stayed on the track...Noah looked at me and said, "Good job, Mommy!" He's also mr. independent. Most things that we used to help him with he insists on doing by himself..."self, self!". I love that he is excited to do things on his own, even if it takes him awhile to do it.

Noah absolutely loves his sunday school class, and adores the teachers/helpers. He always remembers what they learn about and is sure to tell me on our way home. Today I asked him what he did in Sunday school and he said, "I sing".

ME: What songs did you sing?

NOAH: "Light Mine" (This little light of mine) and "Jesus loves" (Jesus Loves Me).

ME: What did you learn about today?

NOAH: "Camels!"
ME: You learned about camels?

NOAH: "Yes. And Joseph!"

We're getting ready to spend the week up at Hume Lake with some of our good friends. But first, there's a BBQ and swim party we must attend first. YAY for summer fun! I'm sure I'll have lots of fun things to update when we get home.


Grandma Nancy said...

It's hard to believe how fast our kiddos grow up and how much they learn just by watching and listening...I thank God for you all every day!!! (plus, they're both just adorable!!!)

Lisa said...

i love fun summer outings! we've been to the beach a couple of times too...the girls love it! me, the sand kinda bugs, but i can get over that:) how fun jodie!

Julie said...

can't wait to see you SOOOOON!