Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Boy Bed

As of tomorrow, Noah will have been in his big boy bed for one full week!! It has been an incredibly smooth transition...yay! The only issue that we've had is that he has decided to move his wake-up time from 7am to 6am. He doesn't get out of bed, but will call "mommy" and "daddy" until we go in. Once we're in there (trying to convince him that it's much too early to wake up) he gets so excited and can't wait to start the day and play. Typically he watches Sesame Street in the morning when he wakes up; he's not understanding why mommy can't turn Sesame Street on at 6am (Elmo is still sleeping of course!). He really is so cute...I just hope I get to begin enjoying my sweet boy about an hour later. Since it's only been the last 3 or 4 mornings, I'm hoping that we can slowly get back to the 7am wake up time However, I'm THRILLED that he's doing so well in his bed; what a BIG BOY!

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Julie said...

way to go, Noah!