Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today I heard.... baby's heartbeat for the first time. :) I could listen to that sound all day. Being in an area so close to Loma Linda, we are surrounded by physicians and med students. Today I was visiting with a friend (her hubby is in his 2 year of residency at LL) and we were talking all about pregnancy. I mentioned that I had not had my appt. yet, and that I was anxious to hear the baby's heartbeat. Long story of her hubby's friends gave them his OB took a bit of time, but sure's heartbeat!! She let me borrow the doppler, so of course I listened to it a few more times during Noah's nap. I can't wait for Hylke to hear it tonight!!


Lisa said...

So fun Jodie! I will never forget the first times I heard my girls' heartbeats. Reminds me what a huge miracle birth is.

The David & Misty Hylkema Clan said...

Score!! That's awesome you got to hear that before your appt. CONGRATS!!!!!! I'm so, so happy for you guys. I'm even more happy that you seem to have such a non-eventful pregnancy!! Lucky girl you are! haha What did Noah say when he heard the heartbeat?