Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pictures (lots of them!)

First, a BIG "Thank You" to Bethany for taking the time to take these pics, and edit them. She had to sort through over 500 pics from our time together!! These are just a few. :)

Bethany and I took the boys to the park in their matching overalls so we could get some fun pictures. Unfortunately, it was at the end of a very long day and both boys were worn out. Here are some fun pics that we did get:Look, there's a dog!!!
Both the boys love dogs, so they had fun watching the big dog bark. You might notice the "Beware of the Dog" sign. :)We had so much fun biking the coast in Monterey. They boys had fun in the bike trailer (once they found their own space. :)) By the time we were finished, Noah was conked out.

Both of the boys had fun playing in the park with their daddies after the bike ride:

Our attempt at a family picture was met with some opposition from the smallest member of our family, here's what we got:
We are so grateful for good friends!!
On our second day, Terry and Hylke rode their first of two mountain bike trails. Bethany and I walked with the boys along part of the trail. It was absolutely beautiful!!Noah and mommy giving kisses:
Noah's running toward some bikers he sees in the distance:
Hey! I know those guys!!
Will loves playing/sitting in strollers...Noah loves pushing them!
I just love this picture:



That Girl Brookers said...

These pictures are sooo cute! I love the black and white with Noah and his friend in their matching outfits!

Amy said...

I love them!! You so need to frame some of those - what a fun time!

Julie said...

adorable. looks like a nice trip

The David & Misty Hylkema Clan said...

Just beautiful pictures....I love them. That b/w one of the boys' backsides in their overalls is PERFECT. That could be a greeting card or something. And the one of them in the tub with Noah washing his hair...too, too cute!! Thanks for posting them. I enjoyed looking :)