Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm REALLY crawling now....

Since I took the first video on Monday, Noah's been off and on with crawling...most of the time he still just scoots or rolls to get what he wants. This morning, however, when I sat down to play with him he crawled right over to me. It was certainly the furthest distance that he has crawled. I ran to get the camera and caught another crawl on video. Be patient with this one, he doesn't crawl right away, but when he does, he really does. It's so funny, as fun as it is to have him crawl (and it is very fun) part of me wishes there was a crawl button that I could control...on when I want, off when I want. For now, I'll just enjoy the fun that this new stage brings!


indewoods said...

and he looks so proud too!
Boy, I wish we had carpeting.
See you this week!

Amy said...

Yeah Noah!!!