Monday, February 25, 2008

Around the world in 7 days

Well, at least up the coast. :) It's Monday morning and we're home, unpacked and getting back into the swing of things here (you know: laundry, cooking, cleaning, 0h, and blogging for for Hylke). We had a wonderful trip this past week visiting friends and enjoying time together. Noah was sick most of the trip, but a trooper to say the least. He woke up with a nasty cold last Sunday (the day we left) and is just now beginning to get better. We took him to the dr. and found out that he has an ear infection too! Despite being under the weather, he was sooooo good the entire time; in great spirits and so flexible. We had some rough nights (especially at the beginning); poor guy would cough himself awake all night. :( But he's back on track and sleeping like a champ. Hylke and I were pretty miserable being up most of the night with him...we didn't mind though, we wanted to do whatever we could to help him rest. Here's an idea of what our week looked like:

Sunday: Drove to my mom and dad's house so they could have some time with Noah.
Monday am: Drove to Santa Barbara and visited one of my childhood friends, Sarah. It was so fun to see her after about 15 years!! She and her husband have an adorable little girl, Reese and live in a beautiful home (with an ocean view) in SB! Thanks, Sarah, for having us over! Hopefully we can meet up again...before another 15 years passes!
I found a couple pictures of Sarah and I from years ago:

The first one is from one of my birthday parties. You may not recognize me with my blonde hair (most people don't believe that I really did have blonde hair...the color changed without my help!) Janna, if you're reading this...there you are too!

This picture is from another b-day party...I've set all my pride aside as I post these pics...what was I wearing?!?!? Yes, acid-washed jeans WERE in style. :)

Here's one more:
We're all grown up!!

Monday pm: After our visit with Sarah and Reese we headed up North (Santa Cruz) to visit some of our good friends, Terry and Bethany Madsen.T and B's son Will is just 2 months older than Noah. Will is SUCH a cutie!!
It was so fun watching the boys play together...we sure wish that we lived closer to them; Noah already misses his buddy. I'm hoping to fly out this summer and spend some more time with them while Hylke is in Romania. Bethany took lots of pics of the boys playing. When I get them I'll post some.
Bethany, I'm so grateful for your friendship...what a blessing you are!
Even though it was overcast and rainy most of our time, we had a fun time walking along the coast in Capitola. Once again, Noah's yet to see a sunny day at the beach. :) Here we are all bundled up!

Wednesday pm: We left Santa Cruz and headed further up North to Santa Rosa. While in Santa Rosa we visited Sean and Krista Hembree, some friends from Temecula. It was so nice to spend time catching up with them. Noah had a fun time with Ginger, their golden retriever! Sean and Krista were some of the first friends we made after we got married and moved to Temecula. We always enjoy the time we get to spend with them. Unfortunately, my camera never made it out of the car....:( No fun pics to enjoy. Sorry.

Friday am: Left Santa Rosa and headed back down to my parents house. Along the way home we spent the afternoon and evening in Turlock, visiting the area where I lived from kindergarten through 7th grade. I had only been back 2 times (maybe 3) but the last time was almost 11 years ago!! Things in Turlock have definitely changed. I couldn't believe how much has popped up. There was even an IN-N-OUT! It was fun navigating through my old town...although there has been growth, much of Turlock remained the same, and I had no problems finding my way around. Our first stop was my old house, 605 Cornell Drive. I wasn't expecting to find my old house so different!

605 Cornell Drive then:
605 Cornell Drive now:

After snapping some photos of my old house, we went down the street to see if Sarah's parents were home. Sure enough, Bob and Mary were both home! It was so fun visiting with them and catching up (briefly) on about 16 years!! Thanks for inviting us in and sharing some fun memories with us!

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting significant places, Calvary Baptist Church, Crowell Elementary School, what used to be Turlock Junior High and some others. Before we left town there were two other stops to make: the Perrien's and the Perry's.

The Perrien's were good friends of ours from the day we moved to Turlock. I still remember Janna bringing me a card on my first day of Sunday School...we were good friends my whole time in Turlock. Although Janna is now married and living in Colorado (with two adorable little ones) we stopped by and visited with her mom for awhile.

Finally, before heading to my parents house, we stopped by the Perry's house for dinner. We had a great time reminiscing and eating pizza.

After a wonderful visit we headed back up to my parents house. We left Turlock at 9pm and got to my parents house at 1:10am...not bad! Grandma and Grandpa let mommy and daddy sleep in until 10am!!!

We finished off our week celebrating Isabella's 4th birthday. I can't believe that it's been 4 years since she was born...we love you Isabella!

Now we're home. Mommy is sick, daddy is working and Noah seems to be on the mend. Laundry is almost done, groceries have been purchased and now I'm wondering when we'll get to do this again! :)


Janna W. said...

Yes, I am reading and I see my cheese-ball grin! My mom said you had a wonderful visit and that your little one was very charming and smiley. I would love to get back in touch. I will email more soon. We are just back from the doctor. We ALL have colds and Jack and Anne have terrible ear infections. Yuck. Off to sleep and recover from the weekend of sickness.

Vicki said...

It was great visitng with you, Hylke, and Noah. Wish we lived closer, so we could keep in touch better.

mary - \'mar-e\ n.(1980) - said...

The next time you come up to NoCal you'll have to include us on your tour! We are only like an hour and a half east of Santa Rosa. We would love to see you guys! Anyway, I totally learned that we have Turlock, CA in common! My mom and dad started dating in, and graduated from Turlock High School. My Grandpa who just passed away still lived there. He and my grandma are burried in the cemetery there. Our favorite family resturants are Golden Hour or the Red Steer. Good eats! Erik and I got married there at Turlock Covenant Church, and had our reception at Canal Park across from Turlock High! You are totally right when you say it has changed! My grandpa used to live on N. Olive St across from the advenstist church. I have so many memories in that tiny town. It is amazing to go back and see it now!
Glad to hear you had such a fun time! -Mary

Jeff and Missy said...

Hey Jodie!

It looks like you had a great trip! Jeff and I use to live in Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and of course, Turlock. It is a small world. Those pictures from your birthday are great! I remember that day. I hope that you guys are getting better. Take care! Missy

Amy said...

I've been waiting for these! Looks like a great trip... Love the pics of the house and the bday parties :) LOL!

Janna Widdifield said...

Check me out, Jodie. Now we can be bloggy friends!

Julie said...

oh my gosh, i'm so tired just reading this...sounds like you had fun though!