Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Solitude

Now that "summer" is here, my moms group and Wednesday morning Bible study at church are both on break. :( I so enjoy those times during the year. However, this morning I took part in "Summer Solitude" and it was wonderful. For the next three Wednesdays I will go to church, take my kids to childcare, pick up my coffee, biscotti, ice water, and some notes and head up to a room all by myself. For 2 hours, I will read, journal, worship, pray, listen, wait and spend time alone with God. WOW!

This morning was so wonderful. Elizabeth (our Women's Ministry Pastor) gave us some ideas of how to spend some time alone with God at home. Many of you moms know how had it is to find "alone" time. I know that it takes a lot of effort to find a time (of any significance) to spend with the Lord. One of the ideas that Elizabeth gave us was this:

Get a basket and fill it with:
-a Bible
-a journal
-a pen
-thank you cards
-note cards for prayer/writing scipture
-a coffee mug/tea cup
-a favorite snack
-some worship music

When you have your free time, take that basket and spend some time reading, journaling and praying. If you have time, write some Thank You notes...sip some tea or your favorite little snack, and enjoy some time with the Lord. Maybe it means 15 mins...5 mins reading, some time journaling and some time praying...maybe 10 mins. The amount of time isn't important, the only important thing is getting some time alone with the Lord. I'm going to be putting my basket together today...I can't wait to find some time to grab my basket and spend some time with my Lord.

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