Friday, March 6, 2009

One week

***Warning: Picture Overload!***

I can hardly believe that one week ago today we met our sweet girl for the first time! I remember all of the emotions so well. Everything happened so quickly I remember wondering if I was really ready for this. I remember thinking about Noah, he was probably just waking up, and little did he know his life was about to change...dramatically. Would he adjust well? I remember praying and asking the Lord to give me peace as I went in for surgery, I remember wondering if I'd be able to love her like I love Noah. I remember the peace I had as Hylke held my hand and we prayed for a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl, I remember the excitement I felt when the dr. told Hylke to stand up so that he could watch as the pulled her out....and the joy and relief I felt when I heard my sweet girl cry for the first time. I remember the concern I had when she struggled to clear her lungs, but the peace I had as the NICU team worked hard to clean them out. I remember the love I felt when I saw and held her for the very first time....overwhelming! The nurse wheeled my bed to the NICU and my sweet girl was NOT happy. When they handed her to me, I whispered to her that I was her mommy and she was ok, she immediately stopped crying. What a special gift it is to be a mommy.

Waiting for surgery to begin:

Just after birth, getting a little O2:

Hylke cutting the cord:

Seeing Elliana in the NICU:
Holding her for the first time:

When she got to my room:
Noah meeting Elliana for the first time (but first, hugs for mommy):
He knew this was Elliana right away, he couldn't wait to "touch" and "kiss" her:

He is the BEST big brother:
Daddy is certainly in love with his little girl:
Grandma and Elliana
Noah and Grandma reading the new book she brought him:
Proud Grandparents:

Crazy pre-bath hair:
Kisses for Elliana:

So many emotions this past week! I can honestly say it's been a WONDERFUL week. I am so in love with my little Elliana. I feel like my love for Noah has grown too. I am watching him love on his little sister, he's my big boy now! I am blessed. I have a husband who loves and serves me, with joy. I have a son who brightens each day with his smiley face and cheerful personality, and I have a sweet baby girl who has made my heart grow!
I've run out of time for some of the home pictures, but since my mom will be back out today, I'll try to find some time to update with more pics.


Jacob Peterson said...

Oh, so precious!! I'm sitting here crying as I read it and look at the pictures. I'm so happy for you guys!!

Julie said...

oh my goodness...those pics are precious. she is adorable. and you are a pro sitting up like that right after surgery. i threw up every time they would raise the bed for a good couple hours. you look great! congrats, again. I know all your feelings so fresh!!