Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's beginning to look...

...alot like Christmas...at least at our house (and on my blog)! Normally we start decorating for Christmas sometime after Thanksgiving, but this year I decided to start a little early. Because I wasn't sure if we were going to be moving before Christmas, I didn't feel like decorating for Fall like I normally do...I just wasn't motivated to pull things out of boxes if we were going to have to pack everything up into boxes. However, since we're staying put for now, I was extra motivated to get our Christmas decorations up and enjoy the lovely sights and scents of Christmas in our house as long as possible. Hylke and I both typically agree that the Christmas season doesn't begin until after Thanksgiving, but with Thanksgiving only 3 days away, I cheated and began decking the halls yesterday during Noah's naps. I even played some Christmas tunes on our ipod while decorating...shhhh, don't tell Hylke. :) We'll finish all the decorating and get our tree sometime this weekend or the beginning of next week.

We will be visiting both sides of the family for Thanksgiving...both sides ON Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how many more years we'll be able to squeeze in time with both families, but we figured to stick with it as long as we can. Typically we go to my parents house a couple days before Thanksgiving and leave after a Thanksgiving lunch. This year, however, Hylke is teaching at our Thanksgiving Eve service at church...which doesn't end until 8:30pm! We hope to get to my parents house between 10:30-11pm. We'll stay until about 3 or 4pm and then drive a couple hours to Hylke's parents house just in time to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. :) We're hoping that Noah will nap during our 2 hour drive so he's in great spirits to play with cousins and enjoy more festivities! We'll stay the night at the Hylkema's and come back sometime on Friday.

Speaking of Noah and sleep (well, I mentioned it above), I did something I never thought i'd do...I actually put Noah down in the 5 o'clock hour on Sunday night. No, this wasn't a nap, he went down for good. He's still taking 2 naps (except on my Bible study, T-mom's days and occasionally on Sundays when our schedule really only leaves room for 1 nap) but Sunday was one of those 'only really time for one nap' days. He took a nice nap...probably about 2 1/2 hours...but I could tell he was super tired come 5 o'clock. We typically put him down between 6:30 and 7pm ( I know many people think it's crazy, but babies need sleep!!!) and he wakes up between 7-7:30am. Well, it was about 5:45pm and I just couldn't hold him off any longer, so down he went. I was a bit nervous that I'd get an unwanted early morning wake-up call, but can I just tell you that we didn't get up until almost 7:30am!! My little guy was so tired from long weekend!

I'm on the laptop (pictures are all on the desktop) so, unfortunately, this will be a boring (no picture) post. I'll try and get a couple Christmas-y pictures up soon. :)

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The David and Misty Hylkema Family said...

No way...you are so NOT crazy for putting Noah down normally at 6:30/7-ish. Ryleigh & Caleb go down at the same too and they're older! I think young kids need it...very much so. People wonder why sometimes they have hard times with their kids during the day for whatever reason... I think a lot of it has to do with sleep deprivation. I swear it does. Ryleigh and Caleb still take 1 nap during the day. Sometimes...they fake it...haha but hey, they are resting. But I'm hanging on to these naptimes as long as I can!! hahaha