Saturday, November 15, 2008

Elliana and stuff :)

Today we had our "official" ultrasound. It was so fun to see little Elliana again, and to confirm that she's an Elliana, not a Zachary (our boy name). I hope to post some ultrasound pics soon, but I'm being lazy right now. ;) The ultrasound tech said that she's very active....something I already knew!! This little girl tumbles and kicks and moves all around. Noah was extremely active also, but I have been feeling stronger kicks and jabs earlier than I felt Noah's. She was being extremely lady like and crossing her legs when the U/T tried to get an official picture of her "female parts" but after going back a couple times, he got a couple pictures. When I went in for my ultrasound w/ Noah one of the first things the tech said was, well, I know what it is! Noah's legs were WIDE open. Already seeing the difference between my boy and girl. :)

A funny conversation between the u/t and me:

U/T: Ummm, how tall are you?
Me: 5'3
U/T: oh. hmm.
Me: BUT, my husband is 6'5" (Hylke was still in the waiting room at this point)
U/T: Ahhh. That makes sense.
Me: "chuckle" Why's that? (rhetorical question, of course)
U/T: Well, she has long arms and long legs...takes after your husband.

I'm not surprised at all. Noah was a long skinny baby for the first 4 months...then he filled out and kept growing tall. At Noah's U/S, the tech also commented on Noah's long arms and legs. I'm so glad they'll have some of their daddy's tall genes...something my side of the family has very little to offer. :)

Well, I have decided to go ahead and have a repeat c-section; a decision I am very comfortable with and confident of. I was really going back and forth, but since Hylke will be taking a group of JH students to Mexico 2 weeks after my due date, my decision became much easier. I couldn't risk being overdue and still potentially having a c-section, giving us only a week or even less before Hylke would leave. My doctor was so helpful, he didn't push me either way, but gave me all the options. He did let me know that because Noah got stuck there was the possibility that my birth canal was narrow. This would, of course, have a higher chance of repeating itself. My sister actually had a similar problem with Isabella being stuck and the drs. said she needed to have a c-section with her next b/c of how traumatic Isabellas delivery was (2 failed attempts at suctioning her and finally having to use forceps...and still having major tearing). It's a good thing too, Lily was over a pound bigger than Bella was!! Sooooo, Hylke and I decided that a c-section would be the best option for us. I'm very comfortable with my dr. He's really great. One of the nurses that works L/D (and goes to our church) told me that he is an outstanding surgeon and the best OB. He is not who delivered Noah, although that doctor did an outstanding job also. looks like March 2nd will be the big day....which means, only 15 more weeks!!

On another note, Noah is talking up a storm! It is so fun to hear him talk. He says something new all the time. He loves airplanes, trains and busses in addition to trucks and will point them all out. He says all of them, but instead of train he says "choo-choo". He loves to say "Hello" and "bye-bye". He will pick up our cell phones and say, "Hellllooooo" and anytime we leave, or he sees a car driving away he says, "bye-bye". Yesterday he heard me talking to Hylke and when I hung up the phone Noah said, "honeeeeeey" Yes, Hylke is my honey. He says grandma/grandpa, oma/opa, amy, bella and lily (which is kind of like lilililil) The list could go on and on. It amazes me at how much he soaks up each are amazing. We are loving each and everyday with our very active, very curious, very sweet little boy. He's such a sweetheart.

I hope to post some fun things (pictures) this week...i've slacked a little.


Julie said...

thanks for the update!

Julie said...

how fun, jodie. caden's birthday is march 1st. sounds like the c-section is a great decision. can't wait to meet her.