Tuesday, October 14, 2008


You'll notice that he says, "buck" or sometimes just "buuuu" for truck. I think that he does that because I always say, "BIG truck". Maybe he just combines the two. I think its super cute. He will point out every truck, RV, bus or van that passes by...he'll repeat, "buck" until we acknowledge each and every one. And, no, it doesn't work to say, "Yes, Noah, I see all 5 of those trucks up ahead." :)

Some cute pics were uploaded to my dropshots account: www.dropshots.com/jhylkema


Julie said...

he is so cute jodie. Its fun to see the similarities in our boys ages. We'll have to get our kids together someday!

Grandma Nancy said...

Man oh man, Grandma can't wait to see you!!! How fast you've grown
and how smart! I can't wait sit down and read a book together and take a walk! I love you. See you soon!

Megan said...

Too cute! And I just looked at that other album, the pumpkin pictures are adorable. And he was the cutest cowboy ever!