Tuesday, April 5, 2011


You may remember my post back in September when I wrote about Elliana starting to show signs that she was ready to potty train.  Honestly, I wasn't ready to potty train her.  Anyone else agree that a diaper is super convenient...especially with an 18 month old??  She continued to tell me that she had to go potty several times a day, and even though she was staying dry most of the time, I kept her in diapers.  Finally, in February, I realized that I just needed to make the transition from diapers to big girl undies.  She was SO ready!  I think of it as a trade off...when she was a baby, I was up in the night with her WAY more than I was with Noah.  But, she made potty training super easy.  :)  It's so funny how big her pants look on her bottom with no diaper...so cute.

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Grandma Nancy said...

Looks like she favors ME in that regard!!