Monday, February 28, 2011


How can it be that my sweet little Elliana Joy is two years old?!  Was it really TWO years ago that I was looking down a this sweet little face? (haha. not mine! :) )
Was it TWO years ago that these cutie pies were posing for pictures together for the first time?
 And TWO years ago that Daddy was cuddling with his TWO kiddos?
 And here I am TWO years later getting to look at this sweet face
 Getting to take pictures of these cutie pies
And, TWO years later, I'm taking pictures of daddy playing in the snow with his TWO little ones
Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet Ellie girl.  I love being your mommy, you are such a joy! With these TWO, I am blessed, indeed.

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Jessy said...

So sweet. Well said.