Monday, January 24, 2011

Backing up

**This post is 3 weeks computer has been giving me trouble uploading the video, so I never posted it...just had to get a few more Christmas pics up before I could move on** 

In the rush to get Christmas documented, I forgot to post some pre-Christmas pictures.  We had so much fun decorating, baking, looking at lights and getting the kids in their "Christmas Best".  Noah loved going downstairs and turning on the Christmas tree lights.  Elliana caught on and within a few days she was running after him saying, "my turn, my turn".  Soon enough they were taking turns turning on the lights.  Noah really wanted all of our lights on all day.  By 7:30am the Christmas tree lights were on, and I was already being asked, "can I turn the village lights on?  What about the fireplace lights?  Outside lights?..."  I'd usually compromise with one or two more sets of inside lights.  We spent several mornings dancing to Christmas music.  Both the kids love Christmas music (like their mommy and daddy) but we have a strict "no listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving" rule, and we begin weaning ourselves from it after Christmas so that by the new year it's off until the next Christmas season.  I'm still having to remind Noah that Christmas is over, and that Christmas music will have to wait until next year.  Enjoy a few more Christmas pictures.

Noah (and Elliana too) loved helping me make all the Christmas goodies.  I may have bribed him with those very Christmas goodies in order to get this picture. :)

 We all had so much fun decorating the Christmas tree

I loved coming home so beautifully decorated with Christmas lights

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Grandma Nancy said...

Wonderful memories being made!!! Beautiful hearts, beautiful faces, loving family!!! Thanks for sharing!!