Friday, November 12, 2010

One last trip

Last night my sister and her girls came out for a quick overnight trip.  While she was here, we decided to make one last trip up the mountain to pick the last of the apples at Riley's Farms.  It was cold and windy...perfect in my book.  We made it just in time because yesterday was the last u-pick day of the season.  We left with a bag full of delicious Rome Beauty's.  Since Hylke's so tall, we left the picking stick behind, knowing that Hylke's shoulders would be waaaay more fun for the kids.  Elliana designated herself as the official bag carrier and refused any help along the way.  She had a few spills along the way, but it never once slowed her down.  Her very independent, very determined personality was definitely shining through.  After some picking we went to the petting zoo, ate fresh bbq'd tri-tip sandwiches, drank fresh pressed cider and let the kids run all around.  What a great time!

Who needs a picking stick?!
 My big sis and her kiddos
 The cousins
 Our attempt at a family picture
 little miss independent


Auntie Amy helping E

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Grandma Nancy said...

What a way to make great memories for all!