Monday, October 18, 2010


These pictures are over a month old, but I haven't picked up my camera in almost that long!  The battery charger is MIA and so the camera has stayed put for way too long.  It's a good thing my girlfriends are such talented photographers or else I'd have no cute pictures of my kids from this past month!

I finally downloaded the pics that have been hanging out on my camera for awhile and just had to share a few.  When our friends, Tim and Amanda, returned home from their honeymoon, we had the privilege of having them here for a few nights while they waited for their new place to be ready.  Tim could hardly wait to show Noah and Elliana what he brought them from their trip. 


Grandma Nancy said...


Grandma Nancy said...

Those lollypops are as big as their heads! Love it!

Mango Mahalo said...

did you remove noah's clothes because of the potential stickiness of the lollipop? i am sure he will love a montage of these pics for his college dorm someday! :)