Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The past two days Elliana has come up to me, pointed to her diaper and said, "poo-poo". Yesterday, when she did it for the first time, I was so confused. I didn't notice her pointing to her diaper and I couldn't figure out what she was wanting. I've never talked to her about poo-poo (beyond saying, "oh, you have a poo-poo diaper" or "let's change your poo-poo"). Anyway, when I noticed that she was pointing to her diaper I asked her if she had poo-poo and she nodded yes...sure enough, she did. This morning she came to me and did the same thing. This means little more than she knows when she has a poo-poo diaper, but it was kinda fun that she started acknowledging that needed to be changed. I felt like Noah would have stayed in his dirty diaper all day and wouldn't have cared!

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